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Discover Cha, established in 2015, adhere to promote Yunnan tea and market French wine cultures. Ms Mabol Mei Zhong, the founder, majored in tea science for her both undergraduate and postgraduate, being a consultant in Branded tea companies, has been devoting her enthusiasm for tea training in past years. Since 2015, she’s indulged in French wine, and working on the project of cultural exchange between pu-erh tea and French wine. Currently, we are honored to offer you:

1. Chinese Tea Sommelier Courses(中国品茶与侍茶课程)
- 3 - month Pu'er Tea Course(48节2个月中国茶艺高阶课程)

- 2-day of Training of Tea Trainers(2天师资课)

- Monthly 2-star Chinese Tea Sommelier Course (2星品茶与侍茶课)

- 3-hour Tea Art Workshop(3小时工作坊)


2. Yunnan teas(云南茶叶)

-Raw pu-erh(生茶)

-Ripe pu-erh(熟茶)

-Yunnan black tea(滇红)

-Customized tea(私人定制)

-Other teas originate from Yunnan(其他茶叶)


3.Tea tour(茶山行)

-Banna Ancient Tea Mountains 版纳古茶山

-Jingmai Ancient Tea Mountains(UNESCO Heritage)景迈古茶山
-Lincang Ancient Tea Mountains 临沧古茶山

-Tea Resort&SPA(茶之旅&茶SPA)
-Tea meditation(茶冥想)
-Tea food(茶食)
-Folk customs(少数民族风情)

4. Tea Homestay(茶宿)

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Hi,  I am Mabol, a tea coach, a tea mater, an industrial tutor of Huazhong Agriculture University, a consultant of branded tea companies in Yunnan, a sommelier, and a co-partner of French wine. Our team can offer you professional Chinese Tea Sommelier Courses with different levels, take you to the deep tea mountains to experience the unique tea culture, and provide you with trustable tea suppliers.


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