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Help You Understand Tea Better

Tea Tour in May, 2019

If you want to understand a cup of tea well, taking a memorable tea trip is definitely the best way. As customers required, Discover Cha is willing to organize tea tour regularly twice a year, one is in Spring season, the other in Autumn. We will post the detailed route in each Feb and August.

In addition,we can also help you with private tea trip if you miss the April or October trips. We can assist with hotel booking, arranging visit any tea mountain or tea factory, experience minorities custom. So you can relax knowing you are in good hands.


Now it is the coming tea tour again we have designed for you. this journey is busy but fruity, full of joy, happiness. You will get the key to open the door to the other mythic life, harvest an unique view along this trip. No matter you are adults or teenagers, no matter which corner you are from, this is an expecting discovery journey. What you are waiting for?

















































































































































































Please contact us for booking 2019 tea tour during April  30 to May 4

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