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Tuition price: 

-- Adults: USD 1888 /person, kids under 10 years old: USD900/person


-- 成人:10888元/人;10岁以下儿童:5000元/人

Single room supplement: Rooms will be shared(we will arrange rooms according to your language, habit, and other requirements, please inform us in advance if you have any special needs). Single rooms will require an additional cost of RMB600.


Tour cost includes All local travel(bus&taxi), Chinese Tea Art Course Junior level, all meals, all hotels, and all entry fees to events/museums from Sep 30 to Oct 7th(8 days and 7 nights), one commemorative tea-tour cake(357 grams).


Tour cost excludes Airfare to and from Jinghong or Jingmai, visas, immunizations,  tips, any tea or goods you buy personally.


Day 1 (Sep 3o ) Pickup & Welcoming Ceremony




Consider your tiredness because of a long flight, we will have a relaxing day,and we will introduce the instructions of the whole trip briefly. Mabol and her team will host you pleasant welcoming dinner, and teach you simple Chinese or English that you may use during this trip.



Currently, most of us have planned to fly from Kunming Chuangshui International Airport to Jingmai at night on Sep 30, if times work for you, please join us.




Day 2 (Oct 1th): Chinese Tea Art Essence Junior Part One

第2天(10.1 ):茶艺英语初级 上


-The Characters of Tea Tree 茶树基本知识

-Tea Classification in Theory and Practice 茶叶分类的理论与实际

- Six Types of Tea 六大基本茶类:Green Tea 绿茶篇


- General Introduction of Pu-erh Tea 普洱茶的概要

- Classification and Main Processing of Pu-erh 普洱茶的分类和工艺

- The History of Chinese Tea 中国茶叶的历史 


Day 3 (Oct 2nd): Tea Meditation&Ancient Tea Plantation




In Jingmai, you never wanna miss the paradise landscape -- clouds sea. Imagine that you rise up with the sun at the end of clouds see, breeze touches your face gently, breath in fresh air full of the fragrance of flowers, rich earth, early morning moss, and myth forest, and birds near or far, singing and whispering, get yourself ready for the peaceful tea meditation then.




After that, definitely, we can't expect to explore the ancient tea park, to talk with nature, to find the answers, whatever it’s about a simple leaf, or your relationship, or your life, it won’t let you down.




In the afternoon, we are going to head to Mangjing(Bulang community), to visit the tea temple, to experience the tranquil ancient village surrounded by thousand-year of trees and tea plantations, sip the special roast tea, listen to the unique ethnic music.

下午,我们将前往芒景(布朗族居住的地方), 观古庙,游古寨,品一杯当地独特的烤茶,听一曲布朗族的情歌,感受幽幽古茶和千年古树环抱的静谧时光。



Day 4 (Oct 3rd): Chinese Tea Art Essence Junior Part Two

第4天(10.3 ):茶艺英语初级 下


-- The History of Pu-erh Tea 普洱茶的历史
-- 4S Sensory Tasting&Evaluation 普洱茶品饮与鉴赏(4S品鉴法)

-- Tea Manner and Sales Terms 茶艺师基本礼仪和销售术语

-- Dialogue Tea & Wine 茶与酒的对话
-- Visit tea estate and make a pu-erh cake for yourself  参观庄园,为自己定制一个茶饼

Day 5-7 (Oct 4-7) Visting Tea Factories & Tea Mountains in Xishuangbanna


-- Tour famous tea mountains and village, including MengSong, Lao Ban Zhang, Lao Man E, Ban Pen, He Kai, etc.

--Worship the king of tea trees, one is 1300 years old at MengSong

--Visit Rain Forest modern standard tea factory and local family-run tea farm.

--Plucking and hand-making tea

--Taste& evaluate of different pu-erh.

--Dai food and local custom




Day 8 (Oct 7) Farewell 


Farewell to each other, you may stay with us to travel to other places in Xishuangbanna, like Hekai ancient Tea Plantations.




Jingmai mountain and Banna tea mountains are pleasant places for a holiday, why not take the whole family together? Book the trip now to get the Chinese gift for you!


Jingmai Ancient Tea Forest

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