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Since 2013, I began to do training gradually, until 2015, I established my individual studio, cooperate with training schools, teach in colleges, train employees in companies, tutor students in some language schools regularity.  While giving courses to the international students, I was asked to tutor their Chinese as well, finally, I made the decision to give such fun and interest Chinese course while learning tea. 2020 is a special year, study online is trend, and good opportunities. We seem ordinary, but together, we can create extraordinary lives.


Interest is the best teacher,兴趣是最好的老师。

If you are learning Chinese, or if you plan to learn Chinese, tea is the best subject you can learn from and improve your Chinese, because tea can teach you almost everything about China.

如果你正在学习中文,或者你想学习中文,茶就是最好的一种方式,你不仅可以学习茶文化,还可以提高你的中文水平。 因为茶几乎可以分享关于中国的所有文化。

What behind a cup of tea is the history, geography, humanity, science, art, philosophy, aesthetics and social circle.



I am Mabol, I am a tea master. Together with me, study tea, learn Chinese, build a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.


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