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Becoming a Tea Master and a Tea Coach


Stage one: Becoming the Chinese tea intelligent

Students shall accomplish Chinese Tea Tasting&Sommelier Course 

Purpose: Master the terminologies and knowledge of tea in English

Tuition Time: one-two month in total, for the Chinese Tea Art Junior course, it's one lesson(one hour) a day, from Monday to Friday, 5 lessons a week, and 20 lessons in total. 


Stage two: Training of Trainers

Purpose: Master the teaching skills.

Tuition Time: 2 Months for the online course, once a week, 8 weeks

               2 days course for an offline intensive course.

               Give a 2-hour trial course, record it and upload it online, pass the exam









Stage three: Tutor new students for one month to 2 months

Purpose: Gain experience, ready for teaching.

           Authorize the teaching package of the Chinese Tea Sommelier course

Tuition Time: 1-2 months

Authorization fee: 

Discovercha will provide a set of tea samples for assisting you, meanwhile, it’s a way to sell Chinese teas.

Contact us to know more details ......

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