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Make your time count and join us for the amazing class of Chinese Tea Art, the best gift from China.

These serious courses are designed for overseas students or tea traders. Through this course, you are expected to gain tea knowledge (origin, processing, history, health benefits, etc), master the practical skill of brewing the main types of tea, build your tea supply chain and enlarge your social circle in China by practicing social tea skills.

A graduate diploma awards your scholarly ability, and vocational training enables your practical skills, however, Chinese tea art is beyond both. It will please your whole life and give a bonus to your future career. A cup of Chinese tea is a cup of humanity, is a cup of Chinese culture about history, geography, wisdom, philosophy, etiquette, human relationships, life aesthetics, folk customs and health care.


In order to meet different needs all over the world, DiscoverCha cooperated with Yunnan Six-Famous-Tea-Mountain Tea Industry Co., Ltd, other tea companies and tea farmers, are able to offer you the following courses with different level, you may apply it according to your conditions.

为了满足全球不同茶友的需求,葡言茶语联合云南六大茶山茶业股份有限公司,其他茶企以及茶农,联合推出如下不同水平的茶艺课程, 大家可以根据自己的实际情况进行选择。

At the end of each other, we are going to have an exam, and only the ones pass it will get the completion certification.

1. Tea Art Self-teaching

茶艺英语 初阶 无师自通

    —— 100 mico-lessons 100短片教学视频

    Level: Beginner


Teaching tool: Online video (self-teaching)


    Class Time: Regular


    Tuition fee:  58 USD

    费用:399 元


2. Tea Art Junior

茶艺英语 初阶

   —— 16 lessons 16课时

Level: Beginner


Teaching tool: Video course, online live, offline 


Class time:   

Tuition fee: 380USD



If you prefer to watch video course online, you may pay for the course directly on UDEMY: 


If you are in China, and able to use Wechat, here is more convenient and cheaper for your to study:













3. TASTING PU-ERH TEA (Tea Art Senior ) Online and Offline synchronouslly

 品鉴普洱茶 线上线下课程同步上课

—— 48lessons 48课时

Level: Senior


Teaching tool: offline class(32-lesson in theory+16-lesson in practice)          

Location: Kunming



-- 周三班, 上午:9:00 - 12:30

-- 周六班,下午:2:30 - 6:00 

English Teaching Class: 

-- Weekday Class:  9:00 am - 12:30 am, each Monday

-- Weekend Class:  9:00 am - 12:30 am, each Saturday


Study Material: Provided


Online teaching: zoom
Class Location: Kunming

Certification: Certification of Completion 


Spring semester: March to  June;       

Autumn semester: September - December     

春季:3月 - 5月;秋季:9月 - 11月 

Tuition fee: 935 USD (excluding accommondation), sponsored a set of tea samples valuing USD 210

学费:5800元(不含食宿、签证等费用), 赞助一套价值1280元的茶样

4. 4 -days Intensive Chinese Tea Art Senior


   —— 38lessons 38课时    

   Level: Senior


  Type: offline class(32-lesson in theory+6-lesson in oral practice)    


  Class time: The last four days containing weekends in March, April, May, June, September, October,     November, December     

  开课时间:3月、4月、5月、6月、 9月、10月、11月、12月 最后一个含周末的四天

  Tuition fee: 775USD(including accommodation)


5. One to One Customized Tea Art 

     1对1 定制课程

-- Customized Tea Art Workshop

 -- 2小时 工作坊定制

  After completing the course there are opportunities for part-time employment. We are sure you will enjoy these courses as much as we made them.

中国茶艺初阶海外版 Chinese Tea Art Junior_副本.jpg

Chinese Tea Art Farewell Dinner on Sep 7 2019

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