NO. 45 Shui'an Road, Kunming, Yunnan, 650224, China

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【茶品Products】: 月光白  Moonlight White Tea

【品牌Brand】: 柏联普洱BoLian Pu’er

【类型Type】: 白茶 white tea Ripe puerh.cake


【原料Material】: 柏联有机疏林茶园.古籽茶.大叶种晒青毛茶Larg-leaf tea from organic tea plantation , Jing Mai,Lan Cang, Pu’erh

【等级grade】: 白牡丹 white peony

【净重Net Weight】: 357克/片357g/cake;7片/提 7 cakes/tube

【生产时间Manufacturing Time】:  2016 

【储藏条件Storage Condition】: 干燥、通风、避免阳光直晒,隔绝异味Sealed storage in clean, dry room, free of odd aroma and avoid direct sunshine



This moonlight white tea uses refine material from boilogical tea plantations, processed in modern clearn production line, been through witherring indoor, drying scientifically, blending. The tea specias and processing give the moonlight rich aromas of flower, fruity, nut, liquorice and herb flowers; complex tastes of sweetness and moisture, softness, ends with long finish.


【关于柏联普洱About Bolian Puerh】柏联普洱茶庄园创建于2006年,是借鉴法国葡萄酒庄园理念和模式,集茶叶种植、加工、仓储、科研、销售和旅游文化为一体,一、二、三产业融合发展的综合性茶叶企业。是国家百县百园企业、云南省茶叶产业龙头企业、云南省庄园经济示范企业。

Has learnt from the core value and system of French winery chateau, Bolian Puerh Tea was established in 2006, a comprehensive tea enterprise integrated in tea planting, processing, storage, R&D, sales and tea tour, combined the development of the first, the second and the third industries. It is the leading tea company among in tea industry and demonstrated firm of manorial economy in Yunnan Province.


BoLian Puerh is adhered to create the first and most splendid tea plantation, and leading brand in Chinese tea industry. After 10 years’ efforts, BoLian Puerh Tea has developed of hundred of thousand of organic tea park, built a few tea primary and refined factories among all the Jingmai tea mountain.


【关于景迈山About Jingmai Mountain】


Jing Mai has a long planting history with more than 1300 years, is the oldest, largest and well-preserved ancient tea park, is the core area of puerh tea. In 2013, Jing Mai mountain was listed the national heritage conservation relic, and got the chance to apply for the World Heritage List in 2014, and ready to apply to UNESCO officially in 2019. Jing Mai mountain has been the only world heritage tea mountain with both ancient tea park and ancient folk villages, and Jing Mai tea is famous for its top quality and unique elegant flowery aroma.

Moonlight White Tea--White Poeny