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How could the amount of tea and the material of teapot matter to tea's flavor?

Record of Brewing Tips(Livestream 2021.10.20)

Today, we've tried some brewing tips for our students, which were

1. Different brewing methods of glasses for green tea

2. How could the amount of tea matter?

We weighted 6 grams(Gaiwan 1)and 3 grams(Gaiwan 2) of Yunnan black tea(pine needle) for comparison, since tea in Gaiwan 1 has doubled the weight of tea in Gaiwan 2, we steeped the tea in Gaiwan 2 double times the time in Gaiwan 1. Here is the conclusion: A. Less amount of tea with a longer steeping time won't make tea as good as the normal size with proper steeping time. B. It optimizes the tastes by preparing 6 grams of black tea, moistening it 5 seconds, then starting the first brewing with 8 seconds.

However, this formula does not work on all the teas.

(Left: 3 grams Right: 6 grams)

3. How could material of teapot matter?

We chose zitao(purple pottery) teapot with 140CC and zisha(purple clay) teapot with 120CC, prepared 7 grams of ripe puer and 6 grams separately for them, and concluded that, zitao teapot is the ideal one for brewing ripe puer, bringing richer and last-longer aromas, thicker and more complex tastes.

(Left: zitao teapot Right: zisha teapot)

Again, brewing tea is very personal, you have to try different methods again and again, until you get the best formula. Attending the series of Chinese Tea art course, enable you to master the knowing-how and knowing-way.

It's available each month, studying online, click the picture to know more details, please.

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