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Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Congratulations, my friends, you’ve started a might-be uneasy but interesting journey leading you to a fabulous future. Hi, I am Mabol, a tea coach. I majored in Tea Science in 2001 at Huazhong Agriculture University, spent 7 years studying tea, and got my Master degree. It’s hard initially, however, just like seven-year itch, but I have totally fallen in love tea, tea has been my best friend and the most passionate life partner. Therefore, in January 2015, I established my personal studio - Discover Cha, doing tea training in colleges or some organizations, consulting, tea events, and tea tours. It’s a wonderful journey that we have gained lots of joy and friendship. What’s more, tea has achieved better me, keeping me young, smart, knowledgeable, energetic and positive.