About the Camellia Assamica and Yunnan varieties

【Letter from Janey】:Oh, almost forgotten...I have a question. I know about the growing of tea etc, but I'm bit confused by this: everywhere I go, 'tea professionals' teaching about 2 different tea bushes yeah... camellia sinensis (from china, small leaf etc) and camellia assamica (indian type, big broad leaf..) now according to them sinensis thrive in misty hills while assamica in low lands. Well that’s nice but how about in yunnan? There is obviously assamica type growing in misty mountains? Hows that possible? Is that a clone or hybrid? Bit confused by that...do you know?

对了,我差点忘了。我还有一个关于茶树生长的问题。常常我被“专家”告之,中国的茶树品种CAMELLIA SINENSIS 适合生长在多雾的山上,而CAMELLIA ASSAMICA则在低海拔地区。云南大部分是阿萨姆种也是生长在多雾的山地吗?太不可思议了。他们是克隆的还是杂交的?我有些混淆了,您知道吗?关于云南大叶种和阿萨姆变种