Chinese Tea Art Junior Online Course

Love Chinese culture? Wanna market Chinese tea culture? This is the course you want to attend. Learn the professional Chinese Tea Art and Tea Science. 


The Chinese Tea Art Junior is a fundamental course specially designed for foreign students because you can also learn some important and necessary terminologies in Hanyu pinyin.  Meanwhile, this course is suitable for tea lover white advanced English.


After completion, you can master 完成此课程后,你会掌握:
1. Origin, processing, brewing skills, medical functions of Chinese tea as green tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, dark tea and pu-erh tea. 
2. Terminologies in tea science in Hanyu Pinyin 重要词汇的汉语拼音
3. Trustable suppliers of Chinese tea 各大茶类的茶叶供应商
6. Tea aesthetics and lifestyle 茶美学和生活方式
7. Similarities between wine and tea 茶与葡萄酒的异曲同工


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Contents 目录

Session I Foundation and Basic Six Types of Tea 理论基础与六大茶类
Lesson 1 The Characters of Tea Tree 茶树基本知识
Lesson 2 Tea Classification in Theory and Practice 茶叶分类的理论与实际
Lesson 3 Green Tea 绿茶篇
Lesson 4 Yellow Tea 黄茶篇
Lesson 5 White Tea 白茶
Lesson 5.1 Tasting&Evaluation of White Tea 白茶的品鉴
Lesson 6 Oolong Tea 乌龙茶
Lesson 7 Black Tea 红茶
Lesson 8 Dark Tea 黑茶

Session II Pu-erh Tea 普洱茶
Lesson 9 General Introduction of Pu-erh Tea 普洱茶的概要
Lesson 10 Classification and Main Processing of Pu-erh 普洱茶的分类和工艺
Lesson 11 The Main Area of Pu-erh Tea普洱茶各大产区的历史及风格
Lesson 12 4S Sensory Tasting&Evaluation 普洱茶品饮与鉴赏(4S品鉴法)
Lesson 12.1 How to Break Pu-erh Tea Cake 如何撬普洱茶饼

Session III Brewing Skills 冲泡技巧
Lesson 13 Brewing Skills 茶叶冲泡技巧
Lesson 13.1 Green Tea Ceremony 绿茶茶艺
Lesson 13.2 Tips of Brewing Green Tea(Glasses) 绿茶冲泡解析(玻璃杯)
Lesson 13.3 Brewing Skills of White Tea(Gaiwan) 白茶的冲泡(盖碗)
Lesson 13.4 Brewing Skills of Rock Oolong 岩茶的冲泡技巧
Lesson 13.5 Tea Ceremony of Iron Goddess 铁观音功夫茶艺
Lesson 13. 6 Tea Ceremony of Pu-erh Tea 通用普洱茶茶艺

Session IV History of Chinese Tea 中国茶叶简史
Lesson 14 The History of Chinese TeaⅠ 中国茶叶的历史

Session V Chinese Medicine & Tea Drinking 中医与茶饮
Lesson 15 Body Constitutions & Tea Drinking 人体体质与科学饮茶

Session VI The Charms of Wine and Tea 茶与酒的魅力
Lesson 16 Food Pairing Wine&Tea 葡萄酒/茶配餐

The last but not the least, hope you enjoy this course as much as I made it!


Chinese Tea Art Junior Online Course

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