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Whenever I tell people I am a tea teacher, coaching people with enjoying tea, they would think about tea ceremony, tea art something like that. Yes, indeed, tea ceremony or tea art is definitely the destination we would get there, it's more about the spiritual activity. However, before we get there, we need to practice day by day.



As required, we designed this set of tea wares for beginners. It contains:


-- Gaiwan 盖碗*1

-- Fair mug公道杯*1

-- tasting cup with tray*3

-- Wasted water container 茶海* 1

-- Small tea set table 便携式茶席布*1

-- Tea container 茶叶罐*1

-- Gift box 礼盒装* 1


For beginners, white ceramic is the ideal tea ware to learn about tea. It won't decrease the aromas, won't hide the defects. 



Besides, it's convenient for travel as well,and enable you enjoying tea anywhere anytime.


Chinese Tea Art Tea Set

$119.00 Regular Price
$107.10Sale Price
  • Please notice that all  the package have been double checked  and well-wrapped before delivery, even though there is little possibility of damagement, there might have some broken after a long shipment. 

    In any cases, please contact us asap if such things happens, we try to solve things together. 

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