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Chinese Tea Art Micro-course Chapter One

Chinese Tea Art Micro-course Chapter One 中国茶艺微课第一章:茶叶基础知识


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In the long history river of human being, each civilization is a star shining in the galaxy, among which, tea culture is one of the brightest stars, guides our life, thoughts, behaviors,even decides the economy and future of a country. And this star belongs to the whole world, either near or far. From today on, we will observe this superstar closely, decompose it, analyze it, understand it and appreciate it in scientific methods and aesthetic altitude.
Chinese Tea Art Micro-course has 15 chapters, 100 lessons, each lesson is 3 - 5 minutes long. The series contains six basic types of tea, which are green tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, and dark tea. Of course, we are here in Yunnan, the hometown or pu-erh tea, so we will target on pu-erh tea, present you very details about origins, terroir, brewing skills, tasting&evaluation, and collection. 

Chinese Tea Art Micro-course is the fruit of my 18 years’ study and passion in tea, the combination of the traditional Chinese culture and western thoughts, therefore, it is scientific and interesting, objective and creative, traditional and open-minded. It is a different way to study tea science, a unique perspective to learn tea art.
However, if you think this forum is not enough, you are warmly welcomed to join us with the Chinese Tea Art Course Essence at different levels in near future, choose either online studying or offline class. All the courses are able to help you with understanding completed tea lectures systematically. 
For studying conveniently and flexibly, we are going to update the whole course one chapter by chapter, so you can choose the one you like the one you are interested in.
为了便于更方便和灵活的学习,我们将这个系列课程分阶段学习,大家可 根据您的兴趣单章选择,也可以选择全套学习。


Chapter One:  General Introduction of Tea 茶叶基础知识

The  Chinese Tea Art Micro-course will have 15 chapters and 100 lessons in total. What is tea? How to recognize it is a tea plant, and what does a tea tree look like? We all know that China is the origin of world tea, but how can we explain it correctly?Regarding different types of tea, do you know what is the classification in theory and practice? This is Mabol, don’t worry, we are going to figure out all in chapter one - General Introduction
《中国茶艺(英文)微课​》中国茶艺(英文)微课一共有十五章,100节微课。什么是茶?如何识别茶树?茶树的形态是怎么样的?虽然我们都知道中国是世界茶的发源地,那又如何正确地解释这个事实呢?面对琳琅满目的茶叶,它们的分类理论与实际又是什么呢? 我是钟梅,别担心,我们都会从第一章概论中学习到。
Lesson 1 Tea 茶的正确表达
Lesson 2 The Three Necessary Characters of Tea Plants 茶树的三个必要特征
Lesson 3 The Morphology of Tea Trees茶树的形态学特征
Lesson 4 The Origin of Tea 茶树的起源
Lesson 5 Chinese Major Tea Areas in China​ 中国四大茶区
Lesson 6 Tea Classification in Theory and Practice 茶叶分类的理论与实际

Chinese Tea Art Micro-course Chapter One

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