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Tea Nature(I)

One of my friends has stomachache lately,especially when she eats something cold, we call it cold in stomach in TCM, and was told that she should nourish her stomach well. As you may know, Green tea is non-fermented tea, which results its character of cold; Tie Guan Yin is cool because it is light fermented tea; Rock oolong is neutral, and suitable to most people due to its half-fermented processing. And full fermented teas, like black tea, dark tea and ripe puer, are warming drinking. Drinking tea is a good way to keep healthy. However, we should also drink tea scientifically. Not everyone is suitable for all kinds of teas, and for those people who have cold in stomach like my friend, we as usual recommend fermented teas, especially aged puer. Its warming nature can protect our stomach well. What’s more, drinking puer tea long term can lower high blood pressure and blood-lipid, reduce atherosclerosis, and prevent CVD(cardiovascular disease) effectively. Not everyone is suitable drinking all kinds of teas, but it is for sure that aged puer is good for everyone. Let’s find more in next chapter.

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