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HaiWan Tea Industry—Lao Tong Zhi Series

The first time I got call from Ms Lu Guo Ling because of solar project when I worked in my last company. Her voice sounded clear, bright, humorous, I did not know that she was in her 80s till end of the call when I called her sister Lu, she replied surprisingly,‘What? Sister? I am as old as your grandma.’ The next day we visited Hai Wan Tea Industry as they invited. When I looked at her warm smile, tan skin color and her energetic character, sunshine came into my mind immediately. Although her magnifying glass indicated her age, which she needed for reading anytime, time did not mark on her face at all. Ms Lu Guo Ling liked drink tea very much, and she had a habit to wash face with black broken tea. Tea has maken her ant-aging and gorgeous.

Comparing to Ms Lu’s open-minded, Mr Zou Bing Liang was more likely an folksy wise man. He has contributed his whole life to tea, which might be the main reason why his skin looked like pink. Once people described him as: Just like aging puer, his skin was as charming as red diamond, and as pretty as jade. However, in fact, Mr Zou depends on oxygen respirator for breath sometimes, which he always take with him now. I met some Guang Dong customers that day, I could tell that they admired both of Mr Zou and Ms Lu very much. To fulfill their wish, Mr Zou signed on those 100 piece of tea cakes. It was no hard to see that Mr Zou was a very serious, hard work but pleasant people from merely his way of writing and his signature.

Since then,we contacted Ms Lu many times, and were told that they were on business trips. Although solar project was failed at last, it was my great pleasure to meet Mr Zou and Ms Lu, who were definitely our good examples. About Mr Zou Bin Liang: He Worked in Meng Hai Tea Factory since 1957, then was promoted as factory director and general engineer from 1984 to 1996, he is also one of the founders of TAETEA. He was honored Lifetime Achievement Award of Puer in Great Hall of the People in 2007. One of his great contributions is that he invented technical of ripe puer. Now he is continuous his passion on tea as the president of Hai Wan Tea Industry, intending to contribute his whole life to tea field.

About Lu Guo Ling: She worked in MengHai Tea Factory as vice factory director from 1987 to 1996, meanwhile she was the senior consultant of Yunnan Tea Co., Ltd. One of her famous achievements is that she has founded around 151 nuclear standardizations about cost-accounting system, technical, data processing, etc. Now she continues her enthusiasm on tea as one of the founder and executive director of Haiwan Tea Industry.

About Hai Wan Tea Industry: Hai Wan Tea Industry was founded by Mr Zou Bin Liang and Ms Lu Guo Ling in October, 1999, who are the legendary of Yunnan Teas. Hai Wan is mainly dealing with Yunnan Puer, Yunnan Black and Yunnan Green tea, which material only comes from Yunnan big leaf variety. Just like the spirit of two founders, quality always comes first. Hai Wan Tea has passed JAS, EU Organic, NOP and QS certifications successively. Its puer tea are famous both home and abroad, more than 800 MT annually have exported to Japan or other Europeans since 2003.

(Mabol C Zhong, wrote in Dec, 2013)

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