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Chinese Tea Art Micro-course

中国茶艺(英文)微课 无师自通


In the long history river of human being, each civilization is a star shining in the galaxy, among which, tea culture is one of the brightest stars, guides our life, thoughts, behaviors,even decides the economy and future of a country. And this star belongs to the whole world, either near or far. From today on, we will observe this superstar closely, decompose it, analyze it, understand it and appreciate it in scientific methods and aesthetic altitude.




Chinese Tea Art Micro-course has 15 chapters, 100 lessons, each lesson is 3 - 5 minutes long. The series contains six basic types of tea, which are green tea, yellow tea, white tea, oolong tea, black tea, and dark tea. Of course, we are here in Yunnan, the hometown or pu-erh tea, so we will target on pu-erh tea, present you very details about origins, terroir, brewing skills, tasting&evaluation, and collection. 



Chinese Tea Art Micro-course is the fruit of my 18 years’ study and passion in tea, the combination of the traditional Chinese culture and western thoughts, therefore, it is scientific and interesting, objective and creative, traditional and open-minded. It is a different way to study tea science, a unique perspective to learn tea art.



However, if you think this forum is not enough, you are warmly welcomed to join us with the Chinese Tea Art Course Essence at different levels in near future, choose either online studying or offline class. All the courses are able to help you with understanding completed tea lectures systematically. 


Contents 目录


Chapter One:  General Introduction 总纲简介

Lesson 1 Tea 茶的正确表达

Lesson 2 The Three Necessary Characters of Tea Plants 茶树的三个必要特征

Lesson 3 The Morphology of Tea Trees茶树的形态


Lesson 4 The Origin of Tea 茶树的起源

Lesson 5 Chinese Main Production Areas 中国四大茶区

Lesson 6 Tea Classification in Theory and Practice 茶叶分类的理论与实际


Chapter Two: Green Tea 绿茶篇

Lesson 7 The Origin of Green tea 绿茶的起源

Lesson 8 The Processing of Green tea 绿茶的工艺

Lesson 9 Fixation 杀青

Lesson 10 General Brewing Skill of Green Tea 绿茶的冲泡技巧

Lesson 11 Tasting&Evaluation of Green Tea 绿茶的品鉴

Lesson 12 The Top Famous Green Tea 名优绿茶

Lesson 13 The Storage of Green Tea 绿茶的储藏


Chapter Three: Yellow Tea 黄茶篇

Lesson 14 The origin of yellow tea 黄茶的起源

Lesson 15 The Processing of Yellow Tea 黄茶的工艺

Lesson 16 Yellow 闷黄

Lesson 17 Tasting&Evaluation of Yellow Tea 黄茶的品鉴


Chapter Four:  White Tea 白茶

Lesson 18 The Origin of White Tea 白茶的起源

Lesson 19 The Processing of White Tea 白茶的工艺

Lesson 20 Wither 萎凋

Lesson 21 General Brewing Skill of White Tea 白茶的冲泡技巧

Lesson 22 Tasting&Evaluation of White Tea 白茶的品鉴

Lesson 23 The Storage of White Tea 白茶的储藏


Chapter Five: Oolong Tea 乌龙茶

Lesson 24 The Origin of Oolong Tea 乌龙茶的起源

Lesson 25 The Main Areas of Oolong Tea 乌龙茶的主要产区

Lesson 26 The Processing of Rock Tea 岩茶的工艺

Lesson 27 The Legendary Story of Dahongpao 大红袍的传说

Lesson 28 General Brewing Skill of Rock Oolong 岩茶的冲泡技巧

Lesson 29 The Grading of Rock Oolong 岩茶的分级  

Lesson 30 The Processing of Iron Goddess 铁观音的工艺

Lesson 31 The Legendary Story of Iron Goddess 铁观音的传说

Lesson 32 Tea Ceremony of Iron Goddess 铁观音茶艺

Lesson 33 The Storage of Oolong Tea 乌龙茶的储藏


Chapter Six: Black Tea  红茶

Lesson 34 The Origin of Black tea 红茶的起源

Lesson 35 The Processing of Black Tea 红茶的工艺

Lesson 36 Oxidization 氧化反应

Lesson 37 General Brewing Skill of Black Tea 红茶的冲泡技巧

Lesson 38 Tasting&Evaluation of Black Tea 红茶的品鉴

Lesson 39 The Storage of Black Tea 红茶的储藏


Chapter Seven: Dark Tea  黑茶

Lesson 40 The Origin of Dark Tea 黑茶的起源

Lesson 41 The Processing of Dark Tea 黑茶的工艺

Lesson 42 Piling Fermentation of Dark Tea 黑茶的渥堆工艺

Lesson 43 General Brewing Skill of Dark Tea 黑茶的冲泡技巧

Lesson 44 Tasting&Evaluation of Dark Tea 黑茶的品鉴

Lesson 45 The Storage of Dark Tea 黑茶的储藏


Chapter Eight: Brewing Skills 茶叶冲泡技巧

Lesson 46 The General Introduction of Brewing Skills 茶叶冲泡技巧概述

Lesson 47 Water is the Mother of Tea 水为茶之母

Lesson 48 Tea Ware is the Father of Tea 器为茶之父

Lesson 49 The Principles of Designing Tea Set 茶席设计原则

Lesson 50 The Environment& Atmosphere 茶艺的境与意


Chapter Nine: The History of Chinese Tea 中国茶叶的历史

Lesson 51 The Legends of Chinese Tea中国茶的起源

Lesson 52 The Start of Chinese Tea 中国茶的萌芽

Lesson 53 The Development of Chinese Tea 中国茶的发展

Lesson 54 The Heyday of Chinese Tea in History 中国茶历史的巅峰

Lesson 55 Tea in Ming Dynasty 明代的茶叶历史

Lesson 56 The Decline of Chinese Tea 中国茶的衰落


Chapter Ten: Tea Culture Overseas 海外茶文化

Lesson 57 The Spreading of Chinese Tea 茶叶的海外传播

Lesson 58 Japanese Tea Ceremony 日本茶道

Lesson 59 Korean Tea Rite 韩国茶礼

Lesson 60 British Afternoon Tea英式下午茶


Chapter Eleven: Pu-erh Tea 普洱茶

Lesson 61 What is Pu-erh Tea 什么是普洱茶

Lesson 62 The Geographic Values of Pu-erh Tea 普洱茶的地理价值

Lesson 63 The Shapes and Aging Relationship of Pu-erh Tea 普洱茶的形状与陈化关系

Lesson 64 The Processing of Sun-dried Maocha 晒青毛茶的工艺特点

Lesson 65 The Refine Processing of Raw Pu-erh 生茶的精加工工艺

Lesson 66 The Brewing Method of Raw Pu-erh 生茶的冲泡技巧

Lesson 67 The Evaluation&Tasting of Raw Pu-erh 生茶的品鉴

Lesson 68 The Piling Fermentation of Ripe Pu-erh 熟茶的渥堆技术

Lesson 69 The Brewing Method of Ripe Pu-erh 熟茶的冲泡技巧

Lesson 70 The Evaluation&Tasting of Ripe Pu-erh 熟茶的品鉴

Lesson 71 The Main Regions of Pu-erh Tea 普洱茶的主要产区

Lesson 72 Pu-erh tea in Menghai Region 勐海普洱茶

Lesson 73 Pu-erh tea in MengLai Region 勐腊普洱茶

Lesson 74 Pu-erh tea in Bulang 南糯山普洱茶

Lesson 75 Pu-erh tea in Lincang 临沧普洱茶

Lesson 76 Pu-erh tea in Bangdong 邦东普洱茶

Lesson 77 Pu-erh tea in Shuangjiang 双江普洱茶

Lesson 78 Pu-erh tea in Pu'er City 普洱茶区普洱茶

Lesson 79 The Brief History of Jingmai Mountains 景迈山的简史

Lesson 80 Ancient Tea Plantations of Jingmai 景迈古茶园特点

Lesson 81 The Evaluation&Tasting of Jingmai Tea 景迈茶的品鉴

Lesson 82 The Ancient Tea Horse Road 茶马古道

Lesson 83 The Origin of Yunnan Tea 云南茶的萌芽

Lesson 84 Yunnan Tea Before Ming Dynasty 明朝以前的云南茶

Lesson 85 The Official Invention of Pu-erh Tea 普洱茶的正式出现

Lesson 86 The Heyday of Pu-erh tea  普洱茶的兴盛

Lesson 87 Hao Brand Pu-erh Tea 号级普洱茶

Lesson 88 Yin Label Pu-erh Tea 印级普洱茶

Lesson 89 The Rumors of Pu-erh Tea 真假普洱茶

Lesson 90 The Aging Trend of Pu-erh Tea and Storage Condition普洱茶的陈化规律及储藏环境


Chapter Twelve:  Yunnan Black Tea 滇红

Lesson 91 The History of Yunnan Black Tea 滇红的历史

Lesson 92 The Brewing Method of Yunnan Black Tea 滇红的冲泡技巧

Lesson 93 The Evaluation&Tasting of Yunnan Black Tea 滇红的品鉴


Chapter Thirteen:  Tea&Health Care 茶与保健

Lesson 94 The Natures of Different Types of Tea

Lesson 95 Body Constitutions & Tea Drinking 人体体质与科学饮茶


Chapter Fourteen:  Tea Etiquette & Sales Terms 茶艺礼仪和销售术语

Lesson 96 Tea Manner茶艺师基本礼仪

Lesson 97 Tea Sales Terms 茶艺师销售术语


Chapter Fifteen:  Wine in West and Tea in East东方茶与西方酒

Lesson 98 Brief History of Wine 葡萄酒简史

Lesson 99 The Terroir of Wine&Pu-erh 葡萄酒与普洱茶的风土

Lesson 100 The Tasting of Wine&Pu-erh Tea 葡萄酒与普洱茶的品鉴

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