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Dialogue between Puerh Tea and Grape Wine

【普洱茶】:柏联普洱2008年和2010年景迈山生茶 【Puerh Tea】: Raw Puerh 2008&2010.Brilliant Puerh.Jing Mai Mountain 【葡萄酒】:柏联大河酒庄2005年和2010年干红葡萄酒 【Red Wine】: Red Dry 2005&2010. Château de la Rivière. Bordeaux. France


【Brewing Method】: Making tea at the same time(same tea wares, same amount of tea, same brewing time)


【Smell&Sniff】: Both raw puerh teas have sharp JingMai special floary aroma, no any other oddor smell at all. While there have few differences of intensity or length between the two due to natural storage in Kunming.


【See&Sight】:Both teas have bright orange-yellow color, while 08 year's tea is a little bit stronger.


【Sip&Savor】: Both teas were soft and light, sweet stayed in root of tongue, and had pleasant throat feeling and lingering after-taste sweetness. While 2010 year's tea had a little bit strong astringency, and turned into better sweet and thirst quenching taste. One of our friends even tasted summer citrus flavor, which is amazing.

【叶底】: 两款茶叶底匀净度好,无花杂,嫩度较好,尚油润。从叶底来看,08年普洱茶转化则更明显。

【Brewed Leaves】: Both teas were even with slender leaves with proper tenerness. Of course, it's no hard to see that 2008 year's tea had fermented faster.

【总结】: 时间成就了普洱茶,但昆明自然储藏条件下,2年的区别不是特别明显。

【Summary】: Puerh tea turns better taste with aging years, while there are few differences between them in Kunming natural storage.


After that Ms Amy Au Yeung has presented us wonderful red wine part, which is extraordinarily the same taste way as puerh tea, and we also enjoyed the subtle changes in each cup of red wine.


Firstly we started with wine from 2010 year, which brought us strong fruity aroma as soon as it was opened, then later this aroma turned to slight purple flowery smell. While wine from 2005 year was more sophisticated, it came with low but last-long and complicated mystery aromas. Some one found leather, some one discovered wood, and some one explored rich earth, which we really enjoyed.


It's perfect blending art in Bordeaux with cabernet sauvignon, merlot, small part of cabernet blanc and malbec. It conbines both western and eastern aestheticism, an elegant woman between a coquettish lady and pretty humber girl. Time has magically achieved the mine, I enjoyed the wine of 2005 a lot, which was exactly the right taste at that right moment, which reminded me of all the beautiful memory about France.


What's more, proper storage matters a lot for both grape wine and pureh tea. No matter how expensive the wine is, take wine from Chateau Lafite for example, which people take that as luxury symbol and their social position. It's normal that some bottles of Lafite have been to different countries or areas because of the transction, it may be lost its value to drink or collection. As a result, direct shipment from French wine cave to our Chinese wine cellar is conducive to gurantee its quality.


There are so much to share, and the dialogue between grape wine and puerh tea shall continue. We are expecting to meet you soon in coming events in 2017, enjoying the very moment with you all.