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【Chinese Name】: 云崖暖 Yun Ya Nuan

【English Name】: Clouds Border Beauty

【Material】: 1 bud with two leaves Ninger ecological park, Puer

【Net Weight】: 125 gram/box

【Type】: Yunnan Black Tea

【Manufacturing Time】: Autumn 2016

【Storage Condition】: Sealed storage in clean, dry room, free of odd aroma and avoid direct sunshine
 Most quality Yunnan black come from FengQin due to the mature processing and varieties which are suitable for black tea.While this tea origins from NingEr ecological park,Puer city, one bud with two leavies are picked, with purpose to make it more strong and mellow. It adopts the innovative processing, which was invested by Mr Wang Ting Min and his professor Mr Zhou Hong Jie from Yunnan Agricultural University.The whole processing is done under comparative low temperature. Firstly the withering condition is controlled strictly at 28-32 °C , then it especially pay attention to the craft of soft-heavy-soft when roll tea. At last, it uses one more step of backwater when dry tea.This technic is able to bring Yunnan black tea with high aroma, sweetness, think and mellow maximally.   

Yunnan Black Tea

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