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【茶品Products】: 倚邦正山 Yibang Zheng Shan


【原料Material】: 倚邦生态茶 Yibang. Ecologicial Tea Plantations, Xishuangbanna 

【净重Net Weight】: 357克/片357g/cake;7片/提 7 cakes/tube

【类型Type】: 生普.饼茶 Pu-erh puerh.cake

【采摘年份 Vintage】:  2018/2019

【储藏条件Storage Condition】: 干燥、通风、避免阳光直晒,隔绝异味Sealed storage in clean, dry room, free of odd aroma and avoid direct sunshine



Outlooking:  well-compressed cake in gray green.

Nose: Intense flowery aroma and sweet fragrances in young age; dry furity, nuts, mushrooom and woody aromas in later years

Taste: Well-balanced with medium bitterness and astringency, smooth and round body, sweet and last long finish.

Yibang was the royal tea once before Yiwu in Qing dynasty because of its special quality, now get more and more well-known because of the special variaties, which give the Yibang tea unique tastes.


【About Six-Famous-Tea-Mountains】:Builtin 2002, the founder and CEO was the factory head of MengHai Tea Factory from 1999 to 2001. Both the chairman and Six-Famous-Tea-Mountian have created legands again and again. Click here to watch the vedio about this company.

Yibang Zheng Shan 倚邦正山