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【茶品Products】: 班章正山 Bangzhang Zheng Shan


【原料Material】: 班章生态茶 Bangzhang. Ecologicial Tea Plantations, Xishuangbanna 

【净重Net Weight】: 357克/片357g/cake;7片/提 7 cakes/tube

【类型Type】: 生普.饼茶 Pu-erh puerh.cake

【采摘年份 Vintage】:  2018/2019

【储藏条件Storage Condition】: 干燥、通风、避免阳光直晒,隔绝异味Sealed storage in clean, dry room, free of odd aroma and avoid direct sunshine



Outlooking:  well-compressed cake in gray green.

Nose: Intense flowery aroma and sweet fragrances in young age; dry furity, nuts, mushrooom and woody aromas in later years

Taste: Well-balanced with strong bitterness and astringency, well balanced, sweet and last long finish.

If you like pu-erh, you must know Banzhang, it is famous as impressive as its strong tastes. Although the tea from Laoban zhang is way too expensive, the pu-erh tea from surrounding biological tea plantations are reasonable and attactive.


【About Six-Famous-Tea-Mountains】:Built in 2002, the founder and CEO was the factory head of MengHai Tea Factory from 1999 to 2001. Both the chairman and Six-Famous-Tea-Mountian have created legands again and again. Click here to watch the vedio about this company.

Bangzhang Zheng Shan 班章正山