【茶品Products】: 景心. 普洱熟茶 Jiang Mai Heart Ripe Pu-erh

【品牌Brand】 葡言茶语 Discovercha

【原料Material】: 景迈.芒埂.大叶种晒青毛茶Larg-leaf tea from ancient tea plantation , Manggeng village, Jing Mai,Lan Cang, Pu’er city

【净重Net Weight】: 357克/片357g/cake;7片/提 7 cakes/tube

【类型Type】: 熟普.饼茶 Ripe puerh.cake

  【采摘时间Vintage】:2016年晚春 Late spring in 2016

【压制时间 Compressing Time】:  2017 

【储藏条件Storage Condition】: 干燥、通风、避免阳光直晒,隔绝异味Sealed storage in clean, dry room, free of odd aroma and avoid direct sunshine



Jingmai Heart adopted the late spring sun-dried ancient Maocha,was the last masterpiece of piling fermentation done by the fermenting master who worked for Lancang Ancient Tea. After being processed and stored in Lancang city, then stored naturally in Kunming since 2017, only limited cakes left.


【寻茶故事 Tea's Story】:


Because of my complicated and sensitive body constitutions, I prefer ripe pu-erh while very picky about it as well, therefore, seeking the good ripe pu-erh is my goal. Jingmai is my home in someway, and I am quite familar with each villiage. It's pleasant to communicate with local farmers while shareing tea. In March 2017, I took my students there and stayed in a cooperative, the tea factory provideds maocha to Lancang Ancient Tea Company. As long as I tried this ripe pu-erh, I fell in love with it although it's only one year old and imperfection. According to my personal experieince, it will be a fatastic cake. Back to Kunming, I exchanged a batch of the ripe pu-erh with our wine, and especially care about the  storage.  Whenever I tried the sample, it never let me down.



Because of the corona-virus, I spent the whole Febuary of 2020 in Jingmai mountain. I am very gratitude to be there safely that Jingmai mountain provided me, and felt like I should share this luckiness to every tea lovers. As soon as I came back to Kunming, I tasted the sample from the warehouse, it's impressive after another 3-year aging. It has rich aromas with aging flavor, jujube, flower, honey, woody and milky fragrance, taste is soft and smooth, thick and mellow, what's precious, the throat-feeling is swee, moist and pleasant, last quite long, very few ripe pu-erh could compete. Obviously, it's ready to share with tea lovers. 


景心.普洱熟茶既是我个人的首款茶品,限量发售,无可能复制.  好茶如知己,可遇不可求,遇见即是福气。

Jingmai Heart 2016 is the first batch of tea I am willing to sell with my logo, only limited cakes are in stock.  Good tea is a good friend, brings you luck and goodness as long as you have it.


【关于景迈山About Jingmai Mountain】


Manggeng village is the first village to Jingmai mountain, called the gate of Jingmai. Jing Mai has a long planting history with more than 1300 years, is the oldest, largest and well-preserved ancient tea park, is the core area of puerh tea. In 2013, Jing Mai mountain was listed the national heritage conservation relic, and got the chance to apply for the World Heritage List in 2014, and ready to apply to UNESCO officially in 2019. Jing Mai mountain has been the only world heritage tea mountain with both ancient tea park and ancient folk villages, and Jing Mai tea is famous for its top quality and unique elegant flowery aroma.



景心熟饼 Jingmai Heart Ripe Puerh

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