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How to Brew Green Tea 如何冲泡绿茶?

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Practice Tea Art of Green Tea 绿茶茶艺, the Pleasant way to kill anti-corona virus time at home.

You can choose one of three brewing methods for your green tea, which are

1. Top-casting Brewing Method for bead-shaped green tea, like gun powder.

2. Mid-casting Brewing Method for most of the green teas

3. Bottom-casting Brewing Method for the flat or quite loose green tea, like Dragon Well.

And you can also practice the water pouring ways differently either by raising your arm high and fill the glasses only once(高山流水) or raising your hand up and down three times to fill the glasses(凤凰三点头).

My dear friends, no matter where you are now, we are always together, keep smiling, keep safe and keep moving, 加油!

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