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The Spring Equinox Tea Party柏联普洱周日茶会之春分茶会




品茗喝茶,一人得幽,二人得趣,三人得味,众人得慧。Tea brings us lots of joy no matter we drink alone or share with friends. What's more, we may also be inspired by tea.

时值春分,踏春正当日。在柏联,春意盎然,生机勃勃,百花悄然枝头,处处可寻春的足迹。March 20th is Spring Equinox, in the Brilliant tea shop with spring green surrounding and elegant flowers were blooming, we had enjoyed a wonderful spring tea party.

能与景迈香齐名的,莫过于和合香了。思静,人如其名,今特请之,在她的带领下,我们领域了一次"香艳"的身心之旅。It’s perfect time to drink Jing Mai Fragrance in such flowery sunny afternoon. What else, SiJing, our incense host, had brought us to experience an impressive journey, and showed us the art of incense. 随后景迈香登场,将我们带入了丛林密处,幽幽的兰香沁人心脾,森林里层层叠叠的落叶间,菌子若隐若现。有人在地上拾到了几颗梅子,想起来美妙的童年来,一切都因为景迈香而美好。While the puerh of Jing Mai Fragrance took us into the deep forest, there were some orchid flowers blooming, and the wet floor was coated with fallen leaves, with some wild mushrooms hiding between. Someone also found some plums, which was memorable as our childhood.

每年春分这一天,民间都有竖蛋的习俗。故有"春分到,蛋儿俏"的说法。品茗的间隙,茶友们也轮番上演竖蛋绝技。玩法虽简单却不易,但趣味多多。胜出者还有礼品相送,每个人都玩得兴致勃勃。Since old time on the Equinox day, people liked to erect eggs in civil society. During the break, we tried to stand eggs and had lots of fun. 其实与泡茶一样,心静下来,蛋也就竖起来了。看我们竖立起来的蛋儿好不风光!We learned how to practice our inner peace, and also won the gifts.

茶会合影后,茶友们仍恋恋不舍,继续品茗交流,心中期待下一场茶会。Afternoon the group photos, we continued to enjoy the Jing Mai Fragrance, and with expectation for the next tea party. 景迈香,源自景迈山柏联普洱庄园,一份春天的问候!Thanks to JingMai Fragrance, we have tasted the Spring, the greeting from Brilliant organic tea plantation.

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