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茶修Tea Meditation

@Bolian Pure Pu-erh

There are different types of meditation, while tea meditation is simple and practical and effecient. Because Tea Meditation is able to : 生活中处处都可以练习“冥想”,对于爱茶之士来了说,“茶修”简单、实用、有效。因为茶修:

Aid in being relaxed 有助于放松

Aid in releasing dopamine, resulting in happiness 有助于分泌多巴胺,使人快乐

Keep awaken 提神

Help with being focused 有助于集中精力

Supply energy(qi) 提供能量(其)

Assist with connecting the nature&spirit 有助于净化心灵,联通外部世界

Follow me, see how to practice tea meditation. 那下来就随我来看看,茶修的要点吧。

After preparing the tea and drink cups of tea, we are ready for the next session.


Practice the meditation 10 minutes each day, you will enjoy your life more.


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